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Xue Wu, India set off easy dust that handsome face, looked outside the station two hideous. ‘Dead!’
hideous Sheng a fall, easy to dust beat, is bitter anger against Xiao Yan chest shot away, space, at the moment the crack crack open a road slender dark, monstrous Xue Wu, filled the sky.
sharp scent blowing, looked easy to dust that hideous face, Xiao Yan eyes passing touch is cold,Coach Factory Outlet, purple-brown palms that Crystal Mountain fingerprints, silently across the space, and then floating in a number of consternation eyes, and easy to dust bloody hands, Ying Peng fiercely together.
shaking explosions resounded suddenly at this moment, that nearly two feet of the huge stone, bang bang, is bursting into numerous fragments, one of the underlying strength of terror around the ripples spread out rapidly, but in an upcoming spread When the crowd, but it is an unknown force from whence came the provincial judge, quietly resolve, but even so, some people close by stone, still shook vomiting backwards. On
Square, because it undulation commotion for a moment,Coach Outlet, and soon a road is rapidly shifting field of vision, and there, dusty, so that was the situation where people can not see. ‘Bang!’
among the crowd in a hurry, a fist ** fell on top of a low voice, suddenly came out,Coach Factory Outlet, and then the crowd is seen as a figure like a kite, and since then the field inverted out,Coach Outlet Store, then ruthless ruthless falls ground, paint after flying tens of meters, just slowly gather in harvest live.
all eyes looked down,Coach Outlet Store Online, saw that when covered with blood, is extremely embarrassing ghost, the full field suddenly silenced,Coach Outlet Online, many people are lighter inhaled breath, this day offerings were the rage Shura, today. ‘Actually lost the battle!
full field between silent, dust gradually falling, a slim figure, but is now slowly,