Sin Li Jane becomes the first woman to win the 11th Euro-Med Storm International Masters Invitational

Sin Li Jane of Malaysia won the 11th Euro-Med Storm International Master Challenge Invitational, on the second floor of the HP Pearl Sports Center, inside Harrison Plaza by beating Cherie Tan of Singapore. She defied the odds as the other top 4 finalist are all south paws.

11th Euro-Med Storm Champion: Miss. Sin Li Jane with Mr. Robert Dong, Storm VP of International Sales & Marketing

The organizers would like to thank Euro-Med Laboratories, Storm Products, and Bevida Distilled Drinking Water for being great title sponsors all these 11 years. Also they want to thank AZO, Roto Grip, Masters product, Turbo Grips, EGI, Advance Solutions Inc, Premiere Insurance and Surety Corporation, and Manila Prime Land Holdings. The Heritage Hotel is again the gracious host to most of the foreign bowlers.

(From Left to Right) 1st: Sin Li Jane, 2nd: Cherie Tan, 3rd: Park Kyung Shin, 4th: Kim Bolleby

The fantastic scores are possible because of Bowlmart Training Institute, while the news and results are courtesy of Sports Digest and Manila Bulletin.

4th Perfect Gamer: Kim Bolleby

The host would like to thank Singapore Bowling Federation, Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress, Korea Professional Bowlers Association, Chinese Taipei Bowling Association, Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress, and Philippine Bowling Congress. All the bowlers from different part of the world and the Philippines for making this tournament a success. In particular would like to recognize and thank Sam Cooley, James Kryiacou, Kim Bolleby, Paeng Nepomuceno, Ernie Cheng, Chen Tong Hui, Perry Ko, Henry Hui, bowlers from Vietnam, Brunei, TBAM, PBAP, ATBA, Prima and Bowlmart.

Thailand-Storm’s Surasak Manuwong rolled 234, 258, 259, 279, 223, 258, 215, and 238 for a 1964 pinfalls for eight games to take to top position for stage two of the finals. Sweden-Pergamon-Vise’s Kim Bolleby rolled 1941 for the second position. The third and fourth positions are occupied by a pair of female bowlers , Singaporean Cherie Tan (1935) and Malaysian Sin Li Jane (1934). Malaysian Rafiq Ismail (1927), RP-PBAP-Henrich’s Jeff Carabeo (1919), and KPBA’s Park Kyung Shin (1879) are three lefties from fifth to seventh place. The final spot is by Singaporean Jazreel Tan, 1860, who survived RP-TBAM-Prima-Storm’s Enzo Hernandez 279 on the last game for his 1855 series. The eight finalist will now advance to stage three where they will bowl round robin style getting an additional 10 pins for a win and 5 pins for a tie.

Top 8 Finalists

Malaysia’s Sin Li Jane rolled 259, 203, 237, 246, 228, 236, 258,268 for a 1935 series plus 64 pins for a grand total of 1999 plus another 60 pins for her win points to lead the stage three of the finals. Cherie Tan of Singapore rolled an identical 268 for her final game to move into second place with her 2009 series. Sweden-Pergamon-Vise’s Kim Bolleby checked in third with his 1991 series. The fourth and final bowler is from Korea-KPBA, Park Kyung Shin, shot  a 1964 series. Kim rolled the fourth perfect game, 300, in his second game. The four bowlers now advances to a step ladder format.

Top 24 Finalist

In the first match Park Kyung Shin won the game 232-182 over Kim Bolleby. Unfortunately for Kim two opens undid his cause, both on lane 6. Park then went on to meet Cherie Tan on lane 9 and 10. Kyung Shin battered hard but a stoned eight pin halted his dream of winning the match as he lost 241-228. Cherie now goes on to meet top qualifier Sin Li Jane of Malaysia. Sin Li won the match 207 – 190 halting Cherie’s fantastic climb up to the championship match. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for the friendship.