Victoria Chin captures the 18th PBAP Bevida Storm International Classic

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Malaysia’s Victoria Chin wins the open division of the 18th PBAP Bevida Storm International Classic held at HP Pearl Bowling Center, on the second floor of HP Pearl Sports Center inside Harrison Plaza. Bevida distilled drinking water, manufactured by Euro-Med Laboratories Inc., and Storm products are the title sponsor of this prestigious classic. Roto Grip products, Master products, Turbo Grip products, EGI, AZO, Advance Solutions Inc., Premiere Insurance & Surety Corp., Manila Prime Land Holdings Inc., and DMCI homes are the other sponsors. Manila Bulletin and Sports Digest are the official media partners, while Century Park Hotel is the new official hotel for this classic. Bowlmart Training Institute is the official lane maintenance partner. After 24 grueling games the top 24 bowled eight more games to determine the top six finalist that will advance to the shootout grand finals. The bowlers will bowl on the long pattern based on the highest mean of the top 24 finalists.

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National team bowler, Enzo Hernandez, stayed pretty much in the top 3 throughout the eight games of qualifying and like he did yesterday in the junior division he took control in the last two games to lead the qualifying rounds. TBAM-Prima-Storm’s Enzo rolled a 1939 or a 242 average to lead all the finalists. In second and third place are a pair of Malaysian female bowlers, who along with Hernandez kept wrestling for the pole position, Radin Nur Najwa (1906), and Victoria Chin (1789). Third and fourth positions are also a pair of Malaysians, Christopher Tiong (1785) and Jonathan Ding Sagan (1774). HKSI/HKTBC’s Michael Mak rolled a 261 last game to sneak into the top 6 shootout. Chinese Taipei’s Cheng Hsing Chao shot a 246 last game but fell short with a 1764 series. Guam-Storm’s Jay Leon Guerrero went the other way and fell to eighth place with 1764 as he rolled a 157 last game. Australia-Storm’s Sam Cooley (258) and PBAP-Bowlmart-Roto Grip’s Lara Posadas (244) both rolled high games to finish with 1735 to tie for the ninth spot. The 11th and 12th spot belongs to a pair of Malaysians Qalif Adnor Adam (1714) and Muhd Nur Aiman (1706) respectively. Unlike the qualifying rounds where the bowlers struggled, the finals yielded a lot of high scores as it took an average of 213.25 to make the cut and 221.5 average to make the top 6 shootout.

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The first shoot out is between Christopher Tiong, Jonathan Ding, and Michael Mak on lanes 9-10. Christopher advances as he found the line on his last four frame to finish with a 210. Jonathan rolled a 169 and stays in fifth place and Michael stays in sixth with a 184 score. Tiong now faces Radin and Victoria on lanes 5-6. Victoria struck out for (228+8) 236 to advance by a pin over Najwa (227+8) 235 and  Tiong 230. Radin left a stoned 9pin to lose. Christopher had his chance to win as he needed to throw a double. Unfortunately he was able to throw only the first one in the tenth frame. Chin now advances to face Enzo in the title match in a beat twice format. Victoria wins the first match 204-177 and forces a sudden death match.Victoria rolled a (237+8) 245 to Hernandez 202 to capture the 18th PBAP Bevida Storm International Classic.