Benshir Layoso crowned 16th PBAP-Bevida-Storm International Challenge

Benshir Layoso, of the Philippines, claimed the Open division champion trophy and 150,000 pesos in the just concluded 16th PBAP-Bevida-Storm International Challenge held in Pearl Bowling Center, on the second floor of HP Pearl Sports Center, in Harrison Plaza.

PBAP Open Division Master Finalists

Bevida Distilled Drinking Water, manufactured by Euro-Med Laboratories Inc, is the title sponsor along with Storm Products Inc. Other major sponsors are Ark International, Wave Product, Turbo Grips, Roto Grip, AZO, ASI, EGI, Manila Prime Holdings, and Premiere Insurance and Surety Corporation. Pearl Bowlers’ Association of Paranaque would like to also thank Bowlmart Training Institute, the lane maintenance partner, Heritage Hotel, the official hotel, and Manila Bulletin, the media partner.

PBAP Open Top 6

The 24 qualifiers bowled eight games to determine the top six finalist for the shoot out. The strikes came in bunches as the bowlers rolled a lot of high scores. In order to cash in the top 12 for the open division, the bowler had to average over 220. Phinilippine National pool member, Benshir Layoso, took the pole position by rolling a 1989 series over eight games. He started slow with a 188 game then rolled 251, 257, 279, 279, 247, 221, and 267. Hall of Famer, Paeng Nepomuceno, was the last qualifier to get in to the finals but stormed his way through to the second spot on games of 233, 279, 258, 248, 218, 250, 228, and 246 for a 1960 series. The third spot belonged to Vincent Lim, from Agape Bowling Academy with a 1910 series to finish ahead of Leo Tse (1899) of Hong Kong and Mohd Haziq Sahil (1867) of Malaysia. The sixth and final spot ended in a tie with Philippine national bowler, Jeremy Posadas and defending champion, Jonathan Chan both rolling 1831. Jonathan rolled a 299 onhis last game to tie Jeremy, who opened the last frame. In the one game roll off to determine the bowler who will advance to the playoff, Jonathan rolled a 268 – 194 to advance to the finals. Syaidatul Alfifah and Syimir Abdul Razak of Malaysia finished eighth and ninth respectively. Team Prima’s Jomar Jumapao, Thailand’s Surasak Manuwong, and Malaysian Qalif Adnor Adam rounds up the top twelve that cashed in the Open division.

(Left to Right) 3rd - Paeng Nepomuceno, 1st - Benshir Layoso, 2nd - Vincent Lim

In the first match of the playoff Jonathan Chan continued rolling strikes and beat Leo Tse (200) and Mohd Haziq Sahil (195) with his 244 game to advance to match two. In match two all the bowlers rolled a lot of strikes but at the end Singaporean Vincent Lim came out on top by rolling a 246 game as he beat out Jonathan, 238, and Paeng, 214, to advance to the title match. The title match saw Lim and top seed Layoso both roll a strike, a spare, then followed by anothe four strike. On the seventh frame Vincent left a 7 pin, which he spared and rolled two more strikes. Meanwhile Benshir extended his string of strikes to seven. Both bowlers opened  the last frame as Benshir Layoso was crowned the champion of the 16th PBAP-Bevida-Storm International Classic by the score of 244 – 226.

PBAP would like to thank all the sponsors and bowlers who made this tournament a huge success. A special thanks to the staff and management of Pearl Bowling Center and Heritage Hotel. See you all next year and have a safe trip home to all the foreign participants.